June 17, 2015

About Us

Care First Training Limited were established in 2004 as a Not For Profit organisation. A Care Sector specialist in the training and development of both unemployed and employed individuals, Care First has overseen the expansion and development of numerous clients and partnership organisations. Having enabled a huge amount of individuals to start, build and progress in a career and industry of their choice, we are proud to continue our own ongoing development as a forward thinking, innovative company. Evolving to now offer financially feasible, flexible recruitment and training solutions, Care First are passionate about providing organisations and individuals with the training and support they need to progress in life and in business.

How we’re different…

We offer choice… At Care First we’ve evolved to provide recruitment and training solutions in a number of different sectors and disciplines to develop our students both personally and professionally. We are dedicated to helping individuals and organisations up-skill and fulfill ambitions. In order for us to do this we have sought various sources of government funding to ensure that you are benefiting from the money set aside for national growth and development. We work with businesses, local authorities and non-profit organisations to constantly expand our portfolio, reflecting the growing appetite for personal development and operational capabilities. If there is a need, we aim to meet it. If there is potential for growth, we aim to expand. Care First are built on realising and delivering innovation to your door step and supporting economic growth nationally. The only question is – how can we help you?

We come to you… Whatever your recruitment, training and development needs, we are here to help. We offer real choice to our customers and provide you with local and accessible services to meet your needs. Our philosophy has always been to provide our services at a location that is accessible to our customers, in a way that has minimal impact on day to day business. Our flexibility extends further with our QCF programmes being delivered on an individual or group basis as required. Our customers really do come fist!

We’re happy to chat… ‘Nothing ventured, nothing gained.’ We are always happy to explore any opportunities. Free consultations by phone or by visit with one of our training and recruitment experts is a no obligation service.

We choose the best people... We understand that the key to a high quality provision is the capability of our staff delivering the service we promise. The diligence and care of our Recruitment & Training Advisors ensures that we find the right people for the right job. Our Tutors are carefully selected for their industry expertise, hands on knowledge and ability to communicate with students from all walks of life.

Care First are privileged to have a staff team with the vital skills to help and support our customers to achieve success. Maintaining a happy workforce is at the heart of what we do. A happy workforce is a good workforce and in return they will look after you.

How we bring out the best in people…

Progressive organisations, commercial and otherwise, understand that when a company or other body invests in its people, it makes a tangible and definite statement about its belief in their importance to the enterprise.

Give people the right support and encouragement and they will demonstrate dedication, loyalty and high-quality performance. As they work better, the results will be measurable in concrete gains across all key business and organisational objectives.

Whatever happens in life, the most important element is the people involved. Whether its commerce, social service or general life skills, the better the people, the better the outcome.

That is why training and development is so important. Whatever the endeavour, whether it be a product or service, an organisations success hinges on people knowing what to do and how to do it.