Training & Apprenticeships

Care First Training offer an array of training opportunities for all individuals and employers looking to gain new skills, bridge skill gaps or simply further themselves and their knowledge. With adhoc, sector specific programmes in both work based and classroom based settings, Care First Training have the ability to develop the right programme for the right people the right way.

Work Based Learning is one of many options for people of all ages and employed staff to gain a nationally recognised qualification. With a combination of a full-time job and a structured training programme leading to qualifications, you never have to leave your place of work.

You could be eligible for government funded provisions through the Skills Funding Agency where not only you but your Employer can both benefit from a cost free, seamless learning experience.

Care First offer a huge variety of training opportunities through Work Based Learning.

Call us old fashioned but sometimes it’s just better to bounce ideas off another person in the same position as you. Offering small, medium and large classroom sessions for Employers and Individuals of all sizes and walks of life, our ambition is to match yours.

From short courses like First Aid, Safeguarding or Manual Handling to larger programmes like Management, Childcare or Customer Service, one of our advisors would be happy to discuss how we can make it work for you.